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“On the contrary, this shows you are resilient. If you managed to finish your PhD while working on healing yourself, you have more strength than you think!” @GeorgiaVrakas

“It depends on if you want a teaching and research position or a teaching focused position – there are some Universities that have minimal publication requirements because the focus is teaching first, publications second. Ask yourself: what type of academic do I want to be.” @Erin_Gallagher

“Health comes always first, and you’re not the first or last academic suffering mental health issues. If not during the PhD, it’s always possible to gain publications and secure position during a postdoc, or a second postdoc. Focus on finding a lab you feel confident to work.” @Ella_Peltonen

“Absolutley not! You are totally made for this, look at what you have accomplished despite your struggles! ‘Treatment resistant’ depression is part of the biomedical approach and I personally reject it. Keep going and you will find your balance. DM me if you wanna.” @Soph_Fedorowicz

“Do you have a support system? Supervisor, colleagues, friends, family? Don’t do this completely alone” @ae_lewandowska

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Am I Cut Out for Academia?
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