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“Everyone has their own path. There’s no point in comparing yourself to others. As long as you’re passionate and do work, you’re contributing. Whether or not you get recognised depends on MANY different factors, not just ‘being good enough’. Keep a stiff upper lip!” @nino_kadic

“From one PhD student to another, you will always be asking yourself this question. What helps me is to remind myself – out loud – that I am good enough, and my hard work and passion has gotten me this far and will get me the rest of the way! You CAN do this!” @IsaacVeysey

“Sometimes I think about the most arrogant person I know, and I ask myself “WWAPD?” What Would ‘Arrogant Person’ Do? They would apply for the job, the grant, the promotion, whatever- and assume they were overqualified no matter what. Channel your inner AP.” @MsHannahT

“That’s imposter syndrome. You’re a doctoral student and you’re passionate about science. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and EVERYONE feels like they aren’t good enough at one point.” @PublicAffairDNZ

“Science is more subjective than anyone will admit (especially tenured people). The question is not whether you’re good enough but whether you want to be a scientist, whether it makes you happy and whether you will have societal impact! #micdrop@RobertLepenies

“It’s not YOU as a person that has to be “good enough” because it’s not you as a person that is measured. Scientists do not work alone. Science is a social activity. Scientists lean on each other, work w/each other, make mistakes with each other, and advance knowledge together.” @JLSCinAZ

“That feeling is common, in part because it takes so long to achieve the external metrics of “success”. The learning/development curve can be pretty steep. Just keep going. Try a periodic (weekly?) review where you take stock of progress toward your goals. You may be surprised!” @MaryEllenLane29

“It might be more helpful to think of whether you have the potential and desire to become better, rather than whether you are already good enough. even the best of us don’t come fully formed, but are developed in community.” @badtanline

“There are infinite ways to conduct science, and each of us have an innate set of skills we are great at. I think the trick is to 1St identify what your skills are and 2nd, how you could apply those skills towards a successful career. Also, don’t compare yourself to others” @KoivistoChris

“Keep trying every day. The days turn to weeks. The weeks turn to years. Before you know it, you’re doing it. Looking at it as one big thing is just a little too scary.” @skyeakbar

Am I Good Enough for a Career in Science?

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